Samantha is E-RYT certified in Vinyasa flow, yoga with weights, Yin, traditional HOT inspired classes, and meditation.


In-Person Class Schedule


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  • 12:30pm C2- South Boulder
  • 2:45pm HPF- South Boulder
  • 5:30pm C2-  Louisville


  • 7:15am C2- North Boulder
  • 9:30am C2-Boulder on the Hill
  • 4:30pm C2-Louisville


  • 3:45pm C2-South Boulder
  • 6:15pm C2- Boulder on the Hill


  • 7:00pm C2-Flatirons


  • 6:45am C2- South Boulder
  • 9:00am C2- Louisville

Corporate Yoga

Interested in hosting yoga classes for your employees?

Benefits of corporate yoga include:

  • Yoga brought to you before work, after work, or during lunch
  • Enhanced work ethic and concentration within the workplace
  • Community and team-building for employees
  • Improved health and increased energy
  • Optional meditation and team coaching to achieve goals

Private Yoga/Events


Interested in a 1-1 yoga session?

Benefits of private yoga include:

  • Yoga conveniently brought to you
  • Individualized practice to work toward physical, mental, and spiritual goals
  • Hands-on adjustments and assists for enhanced experience
  • Personalized playlist and optional aromatherapy utilizing essential oils
  • A review and copy of your work to practice on your own at home