Mindful Mystic Mom

For the mindful Mamas out there who crave guilt-free balance between work and home, and support mindful and holistic practices for mind,body, and spirit.


Opportunities to Seek Support from Samantha:

Mindfulness & Goal Coaching

  • Set goals for your personal and professional life

  • Explore tools to deal with stress, overwhelm, guilt, and shame as a Mom

  • Find more work/life balance and a calmer way of living

  • Dive into your core values to live authentically as a parent, wife, coworker, friend, etc

  • Embrace sustainable rituals of self-love, vulnerability, and self-care


Pre/Post Natal Corrective Exercise

  • Strength and Conditioning exercises and workshops for pre/post natal women

  • Build endurance and strength for labor and delivery

  • Explore proper core engagement exercises and technique to prevent diastisis and pelvic floor problems

  • Decrease labor and recovery time, stress, low back pain, and pregnancy aches

  • Increase energy


Holistic Living with Oils

  • Find natural solutions for your home cleaning products, skincare, and medicine to remove environmental and chemical toxins from your life

  • Find holistic ways of treating physical and emotional challenges through topical, aromatic, and internal oil application