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How to Dream Your New Years Theme

Every year I see gyms and commercials banking on the New Year’s Resolutions that end up falling away by mid-February. I’ve been there! I’ve tried setting health goals for myself, trying new hobbies, and making the whole year about 1 resolution that in the moment sounded like a good idea. And every year…I failed or just simply forgot about it with all the things happening in my life.

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9 Ways to Set Intentions for a New Year

Every year we get caught up in New Years Resolutions. You've heard it...New Year, New YOU right? Why is it that a new year inspires us to get a gym membership, try a month cleanse, lose weight, and go from 0mph to 60mph with new habits only for them to be lost in the chaos of winter, schedules, and lack of motivation by February? 

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2017 End of Year Reflections

It is almost the end of 2017, and so much has happened this year. I started a business, bought a house, got pregnant, and juggled what felt like a thousand continuing education trainings. This December, I'm taking the opportunity to reflect on all that has happened this year. So often I focus on starting fresh in the new year that I forget to reflect, grow, and learn from the things that are present and happening right now.

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