Is Coaching Right For You?

There are many coaches out there in the world that offer a range of specialties from business coaching to health consultation to spiritual living coaching and more. Finding what you are looking for can help you find your specialized coach who will help support your goals.

Utilizing my background in yoga, facilitation, public speaking, and entrepreneurship, I support women find direction toward their professional and personal goals through confidence in voice, leadership development, and personal growth.

Coaching can be an incredible tool for accountability. I believe that every person has the answers, sometimes we need someone to help us find the glasses that are on our head. Coaching is a conversation that is open for you to uncover solutions with active listening and intentional questioning. However is coaching the right route for you? 

Answer Yes or No to the following Questions: 

Y or N- I am looking to find more balance between my work and my personal life

Y or N- I would like more direction, clarity, and guidance toward my goals

Y or N- I am ready to take action toward my life plan

Y or N- I see untapped potential within me to make positive changes in my routine

Y or N- I want to get unstuck in my career, relationship, leadership, or spiritual practices

Y or N- I am ready to embrace the challenges ahead of me and the rawness of vulnerability

Y or N- I look to uncover fears and blockages that are holding me back from my truest self

Y or N- I want to examine the differences between my stories and my truth

Y or N- I recognize the importance for deeper connections in my work and personal relationships

Y or N- I am ready to unlock core values and my authentic voice

Y or N- I seek to uncover my divine intentions

Y or N- I am benefitted by a partner to hold me accountable to my goals

Y or N- I envision a happier, brighter, bolder present and future

Y or N- I see the importance of bringing confidence, power in voice, fun, and positivity into my life

Did you answer YES to most of these questions? Then you may consider a coach to support your visions and goals. Unlike a therapist or consultant, I will not tell you what to do or prescribe/project my opinions or thoughts. Through active listening and intentional questioning, you will uncover solutions to your challenges, and we will work through actions and accountability together. It's time to create your bright life and get unstuck today. Uncover your magic today and let's have a conversation.