Attitude of Gratitude

I am entering my third trimester...can you believe it? This time has flown by and at the same time presented unforeseen challenges. Where the first and second trimesters were fairly easy, I'm starting to get into the uncomfortable stages of pregnancy.  I'm feeling a lack of motivation physically and energetically, and this is all during the busiest time of the year. As I grow bigger, I find myself moaning at a head being stuck in my ribs, or my feet swelling after teaching 3 classes.

After explaining some of these woes to a friend, she mentioned that she has another friend trying to conceive. She has been trying for 2 years. The thing that triggers her anxiety, frustration, guilt, and sadness, is just seeing other pregnant people. I hadn't even considered the fact that my growing belly, my casual complaints, or physical presence could trigger someone's deepest emotional reactions. It made me think twice about vocalizing my latest aches and pains, because I too remember those triggers. I was blessed enough to get pregnant after a year of trying. Though it took longer than I originally expected, I learned to trust in the universe, get more in tune with my body, and strengthen the bond of my marriage through overcoming the pregnancy obstacle. Though I may have these aches and pains right now, it leads to a miracle of a baby. 

Often times, it can be difficult to find the gratitude amongst challenge. Things can seem hopeless, sad, overwhelming, or plateaued. 

I was working with a client last month who consistently felt defeated by self-sabotaging talk. The obstacles just kept getting in the way of her happiness leading to more stress, anxiety, loneliness, and frustration. Together we came up with a list to find the lessons and gratitude amongst all the obstacles and challenges in her way. This coaching exercise takes you out of the picture, and allows you to see a birds eye view from the universe's perspective bringing more awareness and mindfulness into your thought patterns.

As we enter the season of giving thanks, allow yourself to create ritual and lifestyle out of this thinking. You will find abundance flourishes when you are in the mindset of gratitude. When we act from a place of lack, we will only receive lack. When we act from a place of gratitude and abundance, we will find that we already have everything that we need to thrive and succeed. If you are having a hard time visualizing what you are grateful for, then work to find gratitude in the spaces in between.

Here are some ways to incorporate a gratitude practice into your life:

  1. 3 Things List

    1. Every morning, or evening, write down 3 things that you are grateful for. Notice your mental and physical shift when you are focused on these 3 things.

    2. A great resource is The 5 Minute Journal you can find here:

  2. Lessons Learned

    1. Write down 3 obstacles or challenges in your life. What are they giving you? What lessons have you learned from them? How can you change the obstacle to transform from a roadblock to a door?

  3. Abundance Mantra

    1. Find an inner mantra that serves an attitude of gratitude. Maybe a repetitive mantra or phrase such as "I welcome abundance," or "I am grateful," or "I give thanks." Let this be a phrase that is authentic to you. Utilize this mantra out loud or during meditation and allow the repetition to draw you into a more relaxed and receiving state.

  4. Journal

    1. Journal for a few minutes about what you are grateful for. Get detailed as to why you are grateful, how you feel when you express this gratitude, and where you store these sensations in your body. When you are able to recognize the correlation between your mind and body, you will operate from a deeper place of gratitude connection as you encounter obstacles and challenges.

  5. Gratitude Meditation

    1. Explore a gratitude meditation. This can be guided, or on your own. Here is an example for a guided meditation by Deepak Chopra: