9 Ways to Set Intentions for a New Year

Every year we get caught up in New Years Resolutions. You've heard it...New Year, New YOU right? Why is it that a new year inspires us to get a gym membership, try a month cleanse, lose weight, and go from 0mph to 60mph with new habits only for them to be lost in the chaos of winter, schedules, and lack of motivation by February? 

What if instead of a resolution to lose 10 lbs, you ask yourself WHY you want to lose 10 lbs? What is your intention behind  creating these changes in the new year? How can you find sustainability with your intentions and goals so that you DO see lasting transformation and growth that supports you all year, not just for one month?

When we lead from our why, our energy works with the universe to create results. If we lose weight because everyone around us is doing the same thing, our deepest desires and intentions often get lost in the "shoulds" and comparison around us. 

Personally, I choose a phrase, mantra, or word each year that supports my actions and core values.  I set mini and large goals at the beginning of the year, and I intuitively manifest results and actions based on my years' phrase. 2017 was my year of exploration and knowledge. I embarked on 4 different continuing education courses, got pregnant, and bought a house all in one year. Each month or cycle, I reflected upon my large intention to assist mini intentions and goals throughout the year. 2017 was one of the most exciting and nurturing years of my life. I gained and learned so much with each action and goal. Often times my path would curve or change, but I stayed consistent to my mindset and my why.

Feeling a little confused on where to start? Here are 9 ways to explore your intentions, goals, and your WHY for 2018.

  1. Explore your 2018 Word/Mantra
    1. Find one word, mantra, or phrase that supports your entire year with purpose and direction. Examples: 2018 is the Year of Transformation, Nature, Learning. Explore your core values to find words that feel authentic and supportive. 
  2. Journal
    1. Free write in your journal about all the things that you want to welcome in for 2018. What are the things that you do not want? Start to notice patterns and categories to distinguish some more specific goals that you can set for yourself as you move throughout the year. 
  3. Yoga Nidra
    1. Yoga Nidra is a deep-sleep meditation practice that often reveals our deepest intentions (Sankalpa.) Find a Yoga Nidra class or workshop in your area and see what comes up for you when you are in your most natural and conscious-unconscious state. 
  4. Goal Mapping
    1. Write out your goals and map out the whole year on January 1st! Explore different categories in your goals to support bigger picture. Examples: Personal, Professional, Financial, Health, Family...you name it! Get specific and creative with what you would like under each category. Make your goals specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and risky, and timely so that you can set yourself up for success. Map out the whole year while focusing individually on areas of your life that need the attention each month. 
  5. Intention Setting
    1. When you look at your journal or goal map, what is it that you see? What patterns and words pop off the page? What continuously comes up for you when you look at your present and future? Why do you want all of these things to happen this year? Set a larger intention so that you can manifest everything that you envision for yourself and make it reality. 
  6. Vision Boarding
    1. Vision boards can be an incredibly fun and effective way to manifest your desires. Use a poster board and make a montage, make a Pinterest board, or decorate your planner or journal. Create a vision board that you will use and look at throughout the year so that you have a visual representation of your goals and intentions. 
  7. New Year Ritual
    1. Explore a NYE or NYD ritual that sets you up for action and manifestation. Take a 108 sun salutation yoga class, make a crystal grid, take a rejuvenating bath, journal, have a vision boarding party. Have fun with making January 1st special for you and your energy as you enter the new year. 
  8. Accountability Buddy
    1. Having a coach, friend, or family member hold you accountable to your visions will help support you in moments of doubt or confusion. Let your accountability buddy know your phrase or goals so that they can uplift you and your goals. 
  9. Use a planner
    1. Find a planner, calendar, or app that can support your intentions and goals. There are so many wonderful resources out there that can map out your goals in your schedule so that they do not feel separate. Some of my favorites? 
      1. Passion Planner: http://www.passionplanner.com/
      2. Erin Condren LifePlanner: https://www.erincondren.com/lifeplanner-learn-more
      3. Danielle LePorte Desire Map: http://www.daniellelaporte.com/2018-desire-map-planner-collection/