5 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

  1. Have a Growth Mindset

    • Instead of allowing the obstacle to stop you in your tracks, find a way to shift your perspective on the situation. Though it may feel sticky, unpleasant, and uncomfortable, visualize all the ways in which this particular obstacle is helping you grow. What themes, lessons, and values have popped up through your challenges and setbacks? Often times our obstacles can show us what we want, but also show us what is not serving us. Take away these larger themes and allow it to inspire you with growth from the inside out.

  2. Keep an Active Plan

    • Sometimes we have great intentions, goals, ideas, and manifestations, however roadblocks get us stuck in a traffic jam of the mind. When I was looking to quit my job and start my own business, I knew all the things that I wanted, however I didn't have a solid plan as to how to financially and professionally make it happen. I felt stuck and helpless which only left more room for all the doubts, challenges, and chaos. So I worked with a coach and I made a plan. Create an action plan that is specific, timely, measurable, and realistic for what you would like to accomplish. Where intention goes, energy flows. Work to replace your doubts with positive action so that the solutions are tangible and in front of you.

  3. Lean on your Strengths

    • We all know the vast spectrum of emotions during struggle. Feelings of unworthiness, helplessness, weakness, stress, and depression can cloud our judgement and reveal untruths. Make a Top 10 Strengths list in your journal or on a sheet of paper. Write down all the things that ARE working for you. What are your best qualities? Where do you thrive? What have other people told you that make you authentic and strong? Are you working toward a specific project that didn't go as planned? Write down all the things that you did really well rather than focusing on all the things in which you didn't succeed. By shifting your focus from your weaknesses to your strengths, you are able to positively take action to fresh and renew your plan.

  4. Try a Visualization or Mantra Meditation

    • Take a comfortable and tall seat. Close your eyes and notice your breath. Work toward long and intentional inhales and exhales. Once your body feels a bit more relaxed, start to visualize your obstacle as a giant wall in front of you. Notice the emotions attached with this wall and what it is guarding, protecting, or blocking. Now imagine that this wall gets a little smaller. Take a step over the wall. What do you see? What pictures, sounds, smells, feelings do you experience when the wall is behind you? Notice the changes in your physical body as you shift focus into what can become. Option to find a repetitive mantra/phrase. Examples might include "I am abundant and full of strength," "I am worthy," "I am strength," "I am renewed and refreshed." As your repeat your affirmations, allow your mind and body to lift into a more positive and elevated state. Following your meditation, write down everything you experienced. This may lead to new mini goals, action plans, affirmations as you continue through your challenges.

  5. Find Your Tribe

    • I recently helped support a women's yoga retreat, and there was an incredible mix of women in the group ranging from a few cancer survivors to previously abused to mothers and career transitions. Each and every one of them had scars and wounds through obstacles of their past. Many were fresh or still occurring. After a weekend of self-care, love, yoga, and community, they each shared that though they often feel like they are alone, that it was refreshing and rejuvenating to refocus with a group of women that also had gone through challenges. It was important for them to be in a group where they felt held, safe, and supported. If you are experiencing something that is blocking you from finding your path, lean on a tribe of people in your life that can hold you up. Avoid toxic people who may trigger your pain points with your obstacle. Find a tribe that will truly listen, hold space, and clear your mind for forward movement. Schedule a friend date, go on a date with your husband or wife, take a yoga class, go on a retreat, join a book club- you name it! You are not in this alone!