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12 weeks toward healing, reinvention, and direction.

Do you feel like you have lost your purpose or identity and thinking, “now what?”

Do you have career or life goals that have been pushed aside or you’re not sure where to start?

Do you want to be a role model and exemplify self-love, self-care, and going after your dreams?

Do you crave direction, accountability, and healing?

It’s time to turn your goals from “one day,” into “day one.”
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When I had my daughter Ellie, I went through a bit of an identity crisis. I wasn’t sure who I was as a Mom, or how I fit into the wellness world helping serve others in my business. I craved balance and clarity and felt disconnected from my higher purpose. I wanted to make changes in my professional and personal life, but felt stuck.

With all the sacrifice and energy being poured into everyone else, women lose the priority of self-love and self-care.

I am incredibly passionate about helping women find their sense of purpose and take the risks needed to reinvent themselves. I am here to support women feel inspired, excited, motivated, and passionate again so that they can parent, work, live, and operate from their highest frequency and go after the things that they want. It is never too late to embrace the new phase.

It’s time to create a relationship with yourself again.

Become aligned with your values.

Take action toward the things you desire.

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What to Expect

  1. Group Program

4 Monthly Group Coaching Calls (recorded for you!)

Private Facebook Group

Emailed Weekly Recaps and accountability

Personal Online Library (never expires) including video tutorials, worksheets, journaling prompts, rituals, and more!


3. Self-Guided

Go at your own pace 12 week self-guided program

Personal Online Library (never expires) with videos, worksheets, journaling prompts, rituals, and more!

Private Facebook Community to share successes and challenges

4. VIP

6 months of individualized 1-1 Coaching calls with Samantha (recorded)

Go at your own pace 12 week self-guided program

Weekly Accountability

Personal Online Library (never expires) with videos, worksheets, journaling prompts, rituals, and more!

Private Facebook Group


Weekly Themes:


Month 1: Authentic

  • Week 1: Intention

  • Week 2: Investigation

  • Week 3: Identity

  • Week 4: Intuition

Month 2: Aligned

  • Week 5: Desire

  • Week 6: Definition

  • Week 7: Direction

    • Week 8: Design

Month 3: Action

  • Week 9: Ritual

  • Week 10: Risk and Reward

  • Week 11: Results

  • Week 12: Refine and Reflect


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $100 OFF if you sign up before May 29th

Pay in Full: $197

2 Payments over 2 months: $99/month

3 Payments over 3 months: $67/month

4 Payments over 4 months: $50/month

Group Program
197.00 297.00
Group Program 3 Payments


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