Samantha Lawrence

I support women heal and reinvent themselves through shedding doubt and guilt, finding balance and confidence, and building sustainable practices for more holistic and mindful living.

What is The Bright Life?

The Bright Life offers mindfulness and reinvention coaching, essential oil holistic education and services, yoga, and programs to conquer doubts, inspire thoughtful action, and set intentional goals and core values to create the brightest version of your life.


What is offered?

 Mindfulness and Reinvention Coaching

Yoga Teacher Mentorship, Coaching, and Instruction

Pre & Post Natal Exercise



 Community Events

Online Programs & Webinars

 Public Speaking

 Tailored programs for Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Large Groups

Who are you?

You are a woman who strives to maintain a healthy and balanced mind, body, and spirit. You are feeling stuck or overwhelmed  in some capacity of your life trying to create balance between work and home. You are looking for sustainable rituals and tools to get rid of guilt and shame. You crave change but you have a hard time beginning and sustaining. You want to establish goals and objectively collaborate with someone to create meaningful and mindful solutions and actions toward those goals.  You are inspired by yogic concepts and would like to learn how to incorporate them into your daily life. You are a strong individual that wants to enhance your way of life through mindful living, leadership skills, and personal financial and creative freedom. Let's have a conversation and dig in deep together. 

Who am I?

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I began my journey into the world of health and fitness while I was working as a music theatre performer in Chicago in 2011. In pursuit of my theatrical career, I struggled to find my way in the competitive art scene and yearned for financial and creative freedom. While challenged by transition, anxiety, and multiple jobs, I decided to come back to my yoga practice to de-stress and re-evaluate. My life was immediately changed physically, professionally, and mentally. Longing for more, I enrolled in 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training. In the following months continued my education in a variety of other certifications.

In 2012 I entered studio management in the Chicago region for Corepower Yoga. I gained invaluable skills in leadership, facilitation, management, business, and instruction. After getting married in 2014, my husband and I moved to Colorado where I continued my career in management in the Boulder region.

After 5 years of studio management, I enrolled in my professional coaching certifications through Coach Training Alliance and Yoga2Life Coaching. 

I currently teach and support operations at Corepower Yoga, Lifetime, and Yoga Pod Westminster, and lead numerous programs and teacher trainings.  

My yoga inspired mindfulness coaching offers a chance to collaborate and create better, bolder, and brighter lives professionally and personally. As a new working Mom myself, I struggle to find balance between my own personal goals and my family. I constantly fight the guilt that I am not giving 100%, and often deal with anxiety and overwhelm. I hope to help give women who have given their all to everyone else a chance to slow down, dive deep into self care and self-reflection, and shine bright in their reinvention.

When I am not teaching and coaching, you can find me spending time with my new baby girl, taking hikes, singing and playing the piano, and enjoying nerdy sci-fi novels. 

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Bright!


We believe that we are all beacons of light for vision, goals, and dreams. We encourage rawness, realness, and true vulnerability as we all work to peel back our layers to reveal true self. We know that we are all le.jpg