The Bright Life


My name is Samantha Lawrence. I am a certified reinvention and mindfulness coach, yoga instructor, and Mompreneur. I created The Bright Life as a platform to support conscious creative women reinvent themselves in mind, body, and spirit.

It’s time to stop saying “one day,” and instead start saying, “I’m ready now.”



* Find guilt-free balance between work and home. 

* Live mindfully and holistically in body and spirit. 

* Be a beacon of light for goal setting and core values.


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About Samantha Lawrence:


I'm Samantha Lawrence, Founder and Owner of The Bright Life. I wear a lot of hats. I reinvented myself over and over again professionally and spiritually. In each phase of life, I overcame obstacles that got in the way of my purpose and path. I learned how to embrace my authentic truth to be in a career that I love and live my life by my core values.

My mission is to empower women to create the boldest and brightest version of their life through mindful practices in mind, body, business, and spirit. 

Why would you want to work with me?

  • I know what it feels like to deal with constant transition, stagnation, guilt, and shame.

  • I understand the necessity of a supportive community and tribe.

  • I believe in intention setting, goal setting, manifestation, and taking action toward positive change.

  • I encourage bringing the practices of yoga and holistic living off the mat and into your life to create a spiritual life that is authentic to you.

  • I am here to help you discover tools to create lasting change and build your bright life.

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Create Your Bright Life through Core Offerings such as:



Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise 

Essential Oils

Online Programs

Community Workshops, Events, & Retreats


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1-1 Coaching

Master Entrepreneur Program

Group Workshops

Signature Programs



Yoga Group & Private Classes

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Yoga Coaching



Workshops & Programs

Teacher Trainings

Retreats & Events



1-1 Mindfulness Coaching

Holistic Health with Essential Oils

Emotional Superpowers Program

Support for Moms

Pre/PostNatal Corrective Exercise


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